Engagement Model for Customer Success

Staff augmentation This approach allows companies to extend existing in-house staff with outsourced workers. The typical client’s business driver for such a model is cost reduction. It may work fine on short-term basis, although it requires high client involvement to supervise the augmented staff. It means that Project Management and Technical Leadership remain on the client’s side while routine development or testing, for example, can be augmented with offshore or near shore resources provided by an outsourcing vendor.

There is no need to argue that the level of innovation from outsourced vendors with this model will be quite low in most cases. In fact, the less span of responsibility, the fewer drivers to innovate exist.


With the Staff Augmentation model the span of responsibility usually is quite narrow. It may include technical implementation tasks as well as prototyping, but the product vision and decision scope of the augmented team members is so limited that it doesn’t facilitate thinking outside of the box.

It is important to set proper expectations and establish alignment between a client and outsourcing vendor on which party is responsible for steps in the Product Development Lifecycle – it helps avoid solving unpleasant issues in the future.

Project-Based is a time bound engagement model effective for projects where requirements are not likely to change during the development process. It allows reducing cost and time to market by leveraging an outsourced vendor with the required technical and domain expertise.