Cloud Technology

By design, cloud technology easily scales and adapts to the ever-changing needs of business. As cloud experts, our role is to help organizations leverage the full potential of the cloud and its various solutions.


How do we accomplish that?


Our consulting and support services combined with our strategic partnerships with industry giants like Amazon, Salesforce and Microsoft allow us to deliver custom solutions for various business functions. From custom cloud applications, APIs, IoT, contact centers, sales force automation, service management and more.

Continue reading below to learn about the various layers of the cloud and the role Thazen plays in helping our customers realize the benefits of each.

Software as a Service

Aptly referred to as software on demand, Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions offer subscription-based access to enterprise applications that are securely hosted in cloud data centers. SaaS solutions satisfy a variety of functions and departmental needs while removing the costly and time-consuming task of managing software updates, security patches and other administrative duties common with on-premise software. By making administration quick, efficient and affordable, SaaS gives IT teams more time to work on projects that propel the business forward.

Platform as a Service

As defined in its name, Platform as a Service (PaaS) provides the development platform for developers to build applications delivered over the Internet. Similar to utilities like electricity and water, PaaS allows users to tap in, take what they need and only pay for what they use based on a metering or subscription model. PaaS is the ideal model for leveraging the benefits of a platform without being burdened with the complexity of managing infrastructure behind the scenes.

Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is an IT delivery model that allows organizations to leverage the power of bare iron to support a variety of operational needs from computing power and big data analytics to storage. Combined with Platform as a Service (PaaS), IaaS offers businesses a fully managed solution for securely hosting easily scaled, custom software applications.