Cloud Services

Cloud Advisory Services

Thazen delivers unrivaled cloud advisory and technology services for some of the world's leading brands. We're experts at cloud architecture, implementation, system integration and application development, and are here to help you successfully transform your company's business through technology. Our cloud advisory services are designed to help you successfully transform your business in the cloud.  More

Cloud Integration & Development Services

Enterprises are adopting more and more cloud applications.  Thazen offers a comprehensive set of services to help enterprises integrate cloud and on-premise applications using both cloud APIs and middleware. As cloud adoption accelerates, integrating SaaS applications with existing on-premise applications or other cloud applications is emerging as a huge concern.  More

CTO Consulting Services

Thazen has developed specialized expertise in supporting business executives and stakeholders every step of the way.


We're your "secret weapon," helping you to regain control over strategic challenges like Digital Transformation, Cloud Technology Adoption, Big Data Analysis, Agile development and DevOps. We can act as an invisible outsourcing partner or become as visible as necessary to ensure you meet your mission benchmarks.  More